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Market Garden – The 501st Parachute Infantry around Hell’s Highway

//Market Garden – The 501st Parachute Infantry around Hell’s Highway

Market Garden – The 501st Parachute Infantry around Hell’s Highway


The bridge at Son, the liberation of Eindhoven, and the fighting at Best are the most famous stories of the 101st Airborne Division during Operation Market Garden, popularized by books, films and TV series. Nevertheless, some of the toughest battles this division fought during this operation were not fought in that area, but around Veghel, Eerde and Schijndel. Initially the area of ​​the 501st Parachute Regiment, no less than about three quarters of the division fought at some point in this area supported by British tanks. Come along and discover what happened here during the September days of 1944.

: misdrop at Heeswijk Castle, The Heeswijk Cannae maneuver, Attack on Schijndel, Eerde and the battle of the sand dunes, Koevering, Black Friday

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Whilst most of the 101st Airborne Division landed on the Sonse Heide, the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment landed on separate drop zones at Eerde and Heeswijk. 501st PIR’s task was to capture Veghel and its bridges across the canal and a small river. What seemed like a simple job in the early hours, resulted in fierce battles for control of the main road and bridges. The Germans mainly chose this part of the corridor for their fiercest counterattacks. The Germans managed to cut off the allied route of advance and supply at several locations for longer or briefer periods.

In this tour we cycle along the places where fighting took place in September 1944. You will not only hear the stories at these different locations but also discover traces of the fighting still recognizable today.

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Operation Market Garden


The Netherlands

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Private tour

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Bike tour


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Stadhuisplein, Veghel

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09:00 hours


1 day


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Bike tour is approximately 40 kilometres, Bring your own bike