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General information on battlefield tours

This depends on the battlefield tour you book. The descriptions of the battlefield tours always state how long a tour takes. Our battlefield tours normally last between 8 and 9 hours per day.

No. Both clients with a knowledge of history and clients without any prior knowledge can enjoy a battlefield tour. If necessary, the guide will provide additional information about backgrounds, locations and events. However, a healthy interest in history is necessary.

Yes, this is certainly possible if it is a private tour or a bespoke tour. Please contact us if you want to discuss options.

Children are welcome, but please bear in mind that we are on the road a lot and for a long time. Additionally, listening to a guide at each location may prove difficult for younger children where they may become tired. If you book a bike tour or walking tour, please keep in mind that your child must also be able to cycle or walk these distances.

Sorry, but unfortunately dogs and other pets are not allowed.

Due to the nature of the locations we visit, not all of these are easily accessible to people with reduced mobility. However, we can work around this or find an alternative solution. If someone in your group has a mobility restriction, please contact us to discuss this.

All battlefield tours can be narrated in Dutch and English. German is also possible, but on a slightly lower language proficiency level. We never conduct tours in multiple languages ​​at the same time.

This applies specifically to private tours and bespoke tours. Battlefield Discovery believes that a museum visit should always be optional. In our experience, some clients would like to go to a museum, while others would not. Battlefield Discovery therefore leaves this to client discretion. So clients do not have to pay for museums if they do not visit them.


Yes, WW2 veterans can  join free of charge.

After you have paid the full amount (no later than 10 days before the start of the battlefield tour) we will send you the necessary detailed information by email. This includes the start time, start location as well as other useful information.

No, we do not provide this service. We can advise you with regard to hotels situated near the start of the tour location.

If you have booked a private or bespoke tour than rescheduling is possible. Please can contact us to discuss the possibilities. If there is no other option than to cancel, please refer to the Terms and Conditions below.

Every attempt is made to make sure a tour continues. However, we cannot rule out that circumstances and situations beyond our control may arise necessitating the cancellation of a tour. Client health and safety is very important to us and therefore if we feel the safety and wellbeing of our clients is endangered we reserve the right to cancel the tour. If this is the case we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss alternatives. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information.

It goes without saying that we handle this carefully. Please read our privacy statement for a full explanation.


Walking is required in many locations both on and off road. We would advise you wear adequate walking shoes or boots.

We are out all day. In North West Europe the weather is inclement so please dress accordingly. In the summer months it is advisable to bring sunscreen and wear adequate head protection. This is an all day mostly outdoor activity so please dress comfortably.

For private and bespoke tours, the itinerary takes into account a lunch break. This is not included in the price. We stop as much as possible at convenient establishments where you can eat and drink. You can also bring your own packed lunch. Please bear in mind that lunch is the only long break during a tour. We would advise you bring something with you if you want to eat or drink on the go.

You will receive the exact details after you have paid the full amount. Hotel pick-up and drop-off can be arranged depending on where you are staying. If we cannot hotel pick-up than we can advise how to get to the meeting point for the start of the tour. Please be aware that we start early when we have a whole day or several days ahead.

Price and minimum number of people

This depends on what type of tour you undertake, the number of people, the tour destination and distance and duration of the tour.

No, there is no minimum number of participants required on a private or bespoke tour.