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Market Garden – the Battle of Arnhem

//Market Garden – the Battle of Arnhem

Market Garden – the Battle of Arnhem


British 1st Airborne Division had already earned battle honors, but up till Arnhem had not fought on a divisional level. Think of the everywhere on the radar station of Bruneval, North Africa, Sicily, South Italy. Due to losses and long stay in Italy, the division was unable to participate in the invasion of Normandy. But she was ready for Operation Market Garden! What followed was a nine-day-long battle, much longer and much harder than the division had expected in planning.

: Drop and landing zones, ambush location Airborne Recce group, fighting around St-Elisabeth Hospital, John Frost bridge, Westerbouwing, Oosterbeek

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Undoubtedly the most famous part of Operation Market Garden: the Battle of Arnhem. The British 1st Airborne Division, supplemented by elements of the Polish Parachute Brigade, fought for nine days to facilitate a bridgehead across the river Rhine. During this battle, in which almost everything went wrong from the first moment, the British airborne soldiers fought like lions and earned enormous respect from friend and foe alike. Yet, it was a lost battle. This tour takes you along the fields, forests, streets and (of course) bridges that were the scenes of heavy fighting. You will follow the story as the battle progressed; from the euphoria of the first airborne landings, the initial blockades of the Germans, to the fighting around the bridge and the Oosterbeek perimeter, and finally to the nightly retreat over the Rhine.

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