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Occupation and Liberation of Eindhoven

//Occupation and Liberation of Eindhoven

Occupation and Liberation of Eindhoven


Eindhoven was bombed twice by the Allies, once by the Germans. Occupied in May 1940 by Germans and liberated on September 18, 1944 by U.S. airborne troops during Operation Market Garden. Join this walking tour through the center of Eindhoven, hear the stories of occupation, persecution of the Jews, liberation and the bombing of Eindhoven, and learn what it was like for those who experienced it.

: Structure of the German occupation, Americans in Eindhoven, the German bombing of September 19, 1944, the Allied bombings in 1942/43, stumbling stones

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Private tour - 3 hrs
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A city, like so many cities in the occupied Netherlands. But with its own unique stories about occupation and liberation. This special tour takes you to various places connected to the occupation and/or liberation of Eindhoven. You will discover buildings that were used by the German occupiers and what these were used for. You will learn about the organisation of the German occupying forces in Eindhoven, hear stories about both collaboration and resistance of the Dutch Goverment and Civil Service in Eindhoven, and the persecution of the Jews. But also the stories, sometimes exciting and sometimes very funny, about the liberation. And the stories about the bombings of this city.

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Operation Market Garden


The Netherlands

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Private tour

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Walking tour


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Stationsplein Eindhoven

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09:00 hours, 13:00 hours


3 hours


Private guide, Tour booklet


Normal walking stamina required