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The liberation of Nuenen, Gerwen, Nederwetten

The liberation of Nuenen, Gerwen, Nederwetten


Not only E Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment and a group of British tanks fought near Nuenen on September 20, nor was it a random or independent action. September 20 saw a planned and coordinated effort made by the British and Americans to drive the Germans away from the area east of the bridge at Son and subsequently from Nuenen. It was an effort in which several units fought over the course of two days, one of these being the famed E/506.

: German armour in Nuenen, the attack by E/506, the myth of Soeterbeekse Brug, Weatherby’s action at Nederwetten, tank battle at Gerwen

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Private tour - 4 hrs
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You may have seen the television series “Band of Brothers” and remember the fighting by e-506 in Nuenen in one of the episodes. This historical drama series still has many interested people visiting Nuenen, interested in the story of the fighting at Nuenen. Where did the fighting actually take place? What did this battle really go down that day? What else happened in and around Nuenen that day? The story of the liberation of Nuenen is unfolded in a bike tour along the three villages of the municipality of Nuenen. You will discover why the Germans fortified Nuenen, and what exactly happened during the days around the liberation.

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Operation Market Garden


The Netherlands

Type of tour

Private tour

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Bike tour


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Park, Nuenen

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09:00 hours, 13:00 hours


0.5 day


Bottle of water, Private guide, Tour booklet


Bike tour is approximately 15 kilometres, Bring your own bike


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